We've received mail from pro-Dow chemical forces of evil. They say that the implant market is no longer even selling what our pages point out as a dark page in man's history of cosmetic blunders. We regret that this attitude exists. Obviously their message is one of praising money making adventures at the expense of human well-being.

Dow should concentrate on making clean money to clean up their toxic wastes of the past on both the environment and bodies of humans. We seem to have become living test cases for the future. The real problem is not what they've done but what they will not confess to. They made a big mistake. Instead of admitting the guilt and taking the fall, their huge organization spent millions covering up. Paying off research firms to put the correct "spin" on the story.

Meanwhile, millions of women have been subjected to the ill effects of these modern day vanity contraptions that were bought in good faith that the product was 100% safe. We are not talking about the purchase of a new auto transmission or a toy that can be recalled.

We are talking about cause and effect on the human body from a surgical device that had no track history. Here is evidence of what happens when technology fools around with God given facilities. Obviously not all implants result in these horrofic results but the fact remains.... Is it worth taking a chance? I hope I can scare you into making the correct decision. My wife didn't have the information to make the right decision.